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Australia is synonymous with lamb - but simply, we love our lamb. We're not alone either, Aussie lamb is enjoyed in more than 100 countries around the world.

Naturally raised on Australia's diverse pastures and soils, Australian lamb is mild in flavour, tender and naturally lean. The diverse lamb carcase provides a range of cuts suitabable for application across the foodservice sector with endless opporunties for roasting, grilling, braising and more.

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Australian Lamb

The Australian national sheep flock stands at around 74.7 million head depending on the season. Australian sheep are bred for two key industries - meat and wool. Most breeds of sheep are suitable for meat production however certain breeds, especially those meat specific breeds, produce a better quality product than their wool producing relatives.


Lamb and mutton are terms used to describe the meat of sheep at different ages.

Lamb is classified as an animal that has no permanent incisor teeth – generally around 12 months of age.

Prime Lamb is a term used in Australia to generally refer to lambs that are raised for meat.

Spring lamb is the term given to the seasonal peak in supply, following the traditional breeding cycle: lambs are born in the previous winter and sold in the following spring at approximately 12 months of age.

Mutton is classified as a sheep that has at least one permanent incisor tooth - generally mutton is over 12 months of age and considered an adult sheep.